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The City Hall refused to support single mothers

The City Hall of Yerevan has denied the offer of support for single mothers by Isabella Abgaryan, member of the “My Step” faction of the Yerevan Council of Elders. Earlier, WomenNet.am had informed that  the council member proposed to give an opportunity to single mothers so that their children can  be admitted to state kindergartens on a special basis, which would make it possible for mothers to return to work soon.


In response to Izabella Abgaryan’s proposal, the Mayor’s Office’s General Education Department informed that they are preparing a draft amendment to the mayor’s decision # 1101-A. However, at the same time, it is noted that the children of only the following three groups will be admitted to kindergarten on the special  basis: whose parents have a first or second degree disability; who has a disability; is a baby of a family with three or more children.


“Preschool education is provided free of charge in kindergartens under the Yerevan subordination, which contributes to the involvement of children from socially vulnerable families in pre-school education. Children in kindergartens also include children of single mothers or fathers.


Taking into consideration the above-mentioned, the City Department’s General Education Board finds that it is not expedient to distinguish between the vulnerable groups and the lonely mothers or fathers, “says a response to a council member.


In an interview with WomenNet.am, Isabella Abgaryan mentioned that although the City Hall denied the petition to take children of socially insecure single mothers to a kindergarten, she would continue to keep these women in the spotlight and help them to bring up their children.


“I will try to solve this problem through the foundations and the private sector,” she said, expressing hope that private kindergartens will truly make a charity initiative and each will take care of the free care of at least one single mothers. It will really help them until one day, hopefully, the state will come closer to this issue.

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