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The fair management of the city. To what extent are the political forces ready to it?

WomenNet.am presents a fair view of the gender analysis of the electoral programs of the parties participating in Yerevan City Council elections  in the management paradigm, which, incidentally, was first put forward by the European feminists.


What does the fair management imply?


According to the international approaches model of good governance  of the city, on the one hand, requires establishment of partnership relations between  the state and civil society organizations, citizens’ involvement in its management. On the other hand, a fair management implies advancement of urban problems taking into account the needs of various social groups including the largest –  women.  In fact, accounting for age and gender characteristics of the urban population needs means that should be considered in terms of the comfort of private life, in which especially the role of women is great. For example, women’s needs, given goals of their everyday mobility in the city, are more diverse in consideration of their  implies increase of the comfort of urban infrastructure.


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