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The film of the day: “Hidden Figures”

Theodore Melfi’s film “Hidden Figures” is dedicated to famous female astronomers in the field of astronomy and is based on real facts. It tells about three African-Americans mathematicians   – Catherine Johnson, Dorothy Won and Mary Jackson, who in the middle of the last century gained the US National Space Agency, NASA, due to their mentality, knowledge and endurance. Thanks to their calculations, American astronaut John Glean made three trips around the Earth in 1962.


The film unites the history of the struggle for the rights of African-Americans and women in the 1960s and the superpowers’ competition for the universe. In the background, young female scientists succeed in overcoming all possible obstacles and stereotypes in NASA’s highest positions.


The film comes out from the frames of the feminist and anti-racist ideas, emphasizing the idea of human will and prudence, against which the established norms and standard scientific approaches are powerless, and which are capable of changing the existing reality and reaching seemingly insignificant heights. The film, by the way, claimed the Oscars for the past year in several nominations.


The full film can be watched here.


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