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29 women have been arrested in Iran for participating in a protest action against hijab

Tehran police arrested 29 women who were involved in a protest action against hijab, British newspaper The Guardian reported.


For the first time in Iran over the past 40 years, women have begun fighting the hijab. Hundreds of people across the country take off their headscarves in the presence of passersby in different cities and sparkle like a flag.


Women’s protests took place on January 31 within the framework of the “White wednesdays” campaign, which journalist Mashell Alinezad had proposed in May 2017. He urged women to wear white hijabs or go out in the head.


Protests against wearing headscarves in Iran began late last year when a resident of Tehran Vida Moyad appeared in the street with a white headpscarf in her hands. As a result of a peaceful protest, she was detained according to local media reports, released after one month’s arrest and then again detained. 31-year-old Movaid has become the symbol of this struggle, which was joined not only by women, including elderly, but also men.


Iranian Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri said that these women behave as children and are guided by instructions from outside. According to local media, Montazeri stated that the state will continue to punish women who violate the law.


In Iran, the wearing of a mandatory headband for women was established after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. A woman in Iran without a headache threatens to 10 days to two months in prison.


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