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Every year, 3 million women and girls are threatened with genital mutilation

The International Health Organization announced February 6 as a day of intolerance towards women’s genital mutilation.


“Full respect for women’s and girls’ rights is an inseparable part of sustainable development 2030. We have set a goal to end this practice on the Sustainable Development Agenda, “said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.


The United Nations clearly defines what is mutilation. “Cutting the genital organs for non-medical purposes, usually at a young age. It may include partial or complete removal and deprivation of genital organs for cultural and other non-therapeutic purposes. ” It is judged internationally on the violation of women’s and girls’ rights, reflects inequalities between sexes, which is an extreme form of discrimination against women and girls.


Such practice also violates their health, safety, physical integrity, and the right to freedom from torture and cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment, and sometimes even the right to life, if that disorder leads to death.


The UN is convinced that in order to put an end to this vicious practice, joint and regular interventions, dialogue are needed, whose focus will be on human rights and gender equality. It is also necessary to take steps to address the reproductive health problems of women and girls affected by these activities.


The United Nations Population (UNDP) and Children’s  (UNICEF) Funds are implementing a joint project to eliminate the genital mutilation of women and girls as soon as possible. The program is implemented in 17 African countries.


It should me noted, that Armenia has recently signed the Istanbul Convention with reservations that obliges Governments of the countries ratifying it,  concrete measures against all forms of violence against women, from harassment and sexual harassment to domestic violence, forced marriages and harassment of female genital organs.


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