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Safe and insecure abortions: two opinions

On the occasion of the Accessible Abortion Day celebrated on September 28th , different press clubs in Yerevan representatives of NGOs and representatives of the RA Ministry of Healthcare spoke about the developments following legislative changes.


 Reduction in abortion is encouraging


Gayane Avagyan, head of the Department of Maternal and Reproductive Health Care at the Ministry of Health, says Armenia is pursuing a policy aimed at reducing abortion. It is made by various means, mostly offering modern contraceptives.


“The most important thing is safety during the abortion and prevention of further complications. Fortunately I have to say that in Armenia over the past ten years there has been no case of maternal death associated with abortion. This means that our women are so prudent that they often avoid unwanted pregnancies by using contraceptive measures, and in case of an unwanted pregnancy they interrupt at medical institutions, “she said gladly.


Among artificial interruptions, cases with medical indications have been increased. If ten years ago they were 300-400, then 1500-1700 cases were observed in recent years.


“This means we have been able to identify early defects of the fetal development deficits that are not viable in the future and they have been interrupted. There have been cases when pregnancy or childbirth has posed a great risk to women’s health and that pregnancy was interrupted, “explained G. Avagyan.


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