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Alvard Davoyan: “”The future belongs to the healthy food”

Disappointments did not discourage innovative agronomist, but pushed her forward with new strength. For over 20 years, Alvard Davoyan from Vardablur was engaged in agriculture. Initially she was eager to grow new crops,  over the years Alvard engaged in the cultivation of greenhouse flowers. Gradually she cultivated traditional crops, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and pepper,  also started experimenting with new, crops considered to be non-traditional for Armenia.


It was “Green Lane” NGO which  helped to develop their skills and learn the intricacies and  Alvard not only was engaged in its programs implemented in 2010-2011 as a social worker  not only in his original work, but  also organized courses and discussions with beneficiary women.


“The goal was to include vulnerable families through the involvement of women in agricultural activities. I know that although women applicants were familiar with the nuances of traditional crop cultivation, but especially non-traditional crops were new for us, “says Alvard.


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