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Anahit Vardanants. “Green Yerevan is the guarantee of health, well-being and rest of every citizen”

Anahit Vardanants, an Armenian teacher at the school named after V. Mayakovski and Y. Charents, participates in the Yerevan City Council elections with a list of the “Reformists”, which is in the 9th place. Speaking to WomenNet.am, she said that she lives in Yerevan and that’s also one of the reasons she is taking part in the elections. And she has received an offer of participation from Vahan Babayan, the party’s president, though she has not been engaged in politics so far.


According to her, the future elders in the new Armenia should differ from the previous ones by new faces and new approaches, with clearness of speech and action, quick settlement of the issues of compatriots and aspiration for a new reality for Yerevan. She is convinced that the future council is bound by every resident of the capital to implement crucial reforms and ensure Yerevan’s development.


Anahit Vardanants, an education specialist, separates the issues of the sphere, noting that there should be newest approaches. “The basis of the country’s power must become an educated and literate people, whose ability to shape the school meets the modern requirements. It is a systematic training where there are no privileged pupils and privileged objects. It is important for the contemporary education to include the teaching of languages ​​and computer skills that will allow the future citizen to communicate with world culture achievements and be able to get relevant information, “she said. In addition, our interlocutor considers the most important issue of contemporary education to include textbooks in the computer database so that students do not have to go to school with heavy bags.


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