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Ani Khachatryan: “Changes in the country give me great strength and energy”

Ani Khachatryan, member of the Luys Alliance list at the Yerevan City Council elections, is a member of the Yelq faction in the current Council of Elders. Speaking to WomenNet.am, Ani spoke about what changed in a year and with what expectations she would go to the new snap elections.


Being an active member of the Council of Elders, I have very clear perceptions about the problems of our city and the responsibilities of the Council of Elders. To this day, every problem has found its response in my heart, I’ve tried to voice it, and in some cases find solutions to them. I think that’s not bad for me. And after the last known changes in the country I am hopeful that my work in the Yerevan Council of Elders will be more effective because I am sure the number of people who care about our city will increase. In my opinion, the success of Yerevan’s development and the solution of many existing problems are entirely dependent on three preconditions: caring, the rule of law and the interest of the public in Yerevan. Only in that case I see the development of our capital and other communities.


– What has changed in Yerevan during this one year and how have you been changed?



– One, two, ten years ago, our city has had many activists who have tried to express their will on this or that change in the city. They sometimes succeed, sometimes, not. But we have to admit that the atmosphere of oppression has dominated the society. For the last year, perhaps the decade’s major change, I believe in the restoration of this faith and confidence, the belief that it cannot be disagreed, voiced, protested, finally demanded, and succeeded. This change gives me a lot of energy and enthusiasm to be more active in our urban development.


– A year ago, on the eve of the elections, during a talk with WomenNet.am, you said that Yerevan is a careless Yerevan resident for you. What kind of Yerevan residents are we today?


– Not yet. Yerevan residents are not careless yet. Yerevan has many problems, though there is no such city in the world that has no problems. But there are so many here. I believe that we are on the right path to their solution now. Today, Yerevan is still not carefree, but it finally returned smile lost over the years.


– What do you think the future council will take into account for the new political realities, to differ from the previous one and can you promise as  a candidate to Yerevan to make significant changes in its life?


– It is more luminous. If the vast majority of our efforts were directed against the struggles of the previous authorities, if our every suggestion, an observation, a desire to rectify it was viewed as an act of enmity, achievement of great progress was quite complicated. Now the reality is different, and I am hopeful that this time and now all members of the Council of Elders, all the forces of power together will be involved in the great work of Yerevan. And in this case, the positive shifts and changes will be obvious.


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