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Ani Mkrtchyan’s trendy greenhouse or akvaponika in Armenia

There is a unique greenhouse, which was founded by a professional ecologist Ani Mkrtchyan. After long research, he introduced a new and modern agricultural technology in Ddmashen community of Gegharkunik region  – akvaponika.

Akvaponika is  combination of aquaculture (fish, snails, crustaceans and other types of aquatic animals used for breeding artificial basins) and hydroponics (plant cultivation without soil). That is, in the closed greenhouse plants are growing in water and  water is used instead of the soil  which is enriched with the vicinity of growing fish outflow. They are  directly used as organic fertilizer. Aquaaponika is innovation in Armenia and the region. It is a system of developed countries, including the USA, European countries.

The idea of introducing this trendy branch in agriculture arose when ecologist Ani Mkrtchyan was trying to establish her own business. Five years working for an international organization, one day she decided, that it is time to create  business which will be  unique by its nature.

 Ani Mkrtchyan says that after studying the market, she understood the need to choose an area that is new to the market. As a biologist, being familiar to aquaponika she tried to apply it in our country. She examined the experience of some countries, after which she had an aim of establishing   (MAquaponics) company to implement that idea.

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