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Anna Galstyan. “The city needs woman’s care”

Anna Galstyan, chairwoman of the Prosperous Armenia Party of the Ararat region, is one of seven women fighting for the Artashat local council elections to be held on September 29th.


Born in Aygezard village of Artashat region. She graduated from high school after A. Gharibyan in Aygezard village. In the same year she started her working biography –  in Aygezard and later in Shahumyan high schools – taught biology. Afterwards she graduated from the Agrarian Department of the National Academy of Sciences, worked at the Regional Road Customs House of International Roads, as Head of the Personnel Division, is the captain of the customs system. Currently Anna Galstyan is a producer-businesswoman with two children. She has been a member of the Prosperous Armenia Party since 2008 and has been chair of the PAP Ararat Women’s Council for nearly two years.


In an interview with WomenNet.am, Anna Galstyan presented issues that force her to once again participate in electoral processes. She had also been nominated in previous elections but had not succeeded.


– What is your vision in this election?


– The city needs woman’s care. I would like to see Artashat renovated and well-to-do, people satisfied and heartened, full master of their city – this is my vision.


– Women are very active this time in Artashat, and this is welcomed, as women in provincial cities are less likely to participate in elections due to concerns that men’s competition is higher. What has changed in your view of women becoming more involved in political processes


– I think the stereotypes that politics is not a woman’s place have long since disappeared. Today, our women are doing their best in all areas of life. Nowadays women are starting to appreciate their strengths and actually have great potential that they want to bring to life. As they say, if women have the right to ascend to the altar, they have the right to rise to the pulpit.


– In your opinion, why is the presence of women necessary in the council?


– The woman has a broad horizon and affection for her own people and the city. She has a great dedication, and most importantly, a willingness to help people.


 – What are some of the priority issues that you are going to raise in the city if you are elected a member of the council?


– It requires urgent solution to the problems of the education sector, which I will address first, especially the personnel policy. In fact, there are many problems and everyone should be in the focus of the council.

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