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Anush Begloyan ” Together with Men We Are Equally Responsible for  Future”

Our interlocutor is Anush Begloyan, who is nominated in the “My Step” bloc in N2 electoral district (Arabkir, Ajapnyak, Davtashen administrative districts of Yerevan),  who notices that opinion, attitude towards women candidates have changed they are still peculiar, but positive.


According to her, today in different countries of the world women are more and more involved in political life and Armenia is not an exception. “During the current campaign, we consider a large number of women nominated as candidates for the ranks. Of course, the territorial election campaign has its own peculiarities, but during the rally and meetings with the population, I noticed that people are inclined to listen with special attention and express their support to female candidates, “says Anoush. She noticed that women struggling with experienced male figures feel respect and support in their territories: “We often hear that women are responsible partners.”


Anush Begloyan is a physicist by profession, besides this profession she is also a Master of Business Administration, graduated from the Department of Business Administration of the American University of Armenia. Since 1995, she has worked and has held positions in various international organizations such as the United States Agency for International Development, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, World Bank Yerevan Office, All Armenian Fund, Armenian Public Relations Association Executive Director, ArmenTel CJSC Head of Public Relations at IDEA Foundation, Director of Marketing and Communications at IDEA Foundation. She has been involved as a local and international communications expert in a number of state, private and international organizations in Armenia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is also a lecturer at the Department of Marketing at the French University Trade Faculty in Armenia.


Anoush says his great work experience can also be useful in the parliament. She is going to contribute to the strengthening of Armenia’s international reputation and parliamentary initiatives: “I will also work on the legislative reforms aimed at the development of public communication, freedom of expression, and I am particularly interested in the reform and development of the education sector.”


During pre-election meetings, she will also present her experience and knowledge, answering the voters’ questions. “I will listen to suggestions, share my ideas and projects, and talk about things to be done in the future.”

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