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Again, the renaming of the streets, this time in terms of sexism

Recently, the issue of renaming the streets of Yerevan was brought to the agenda of the political and social life of Armenia. The initiative belongs to the Yerevan Yelq bloc whose proposal is based on replacing the names of famous Soviet figures with the names of national heroes.


While discussions on street names are ahead, it’s worth revealing the obvious truth in the context of this topic, but few people pay attention. This is because Armenian streets are exclusively owned by men. Thus, the capital Yerevan has about 210 streets, alleys and squares. Among them are the names of men, that is, from the viewpoint of street names, the capital is the most obvious example of sexism …


From the list of street names presented on the website of Yerevan Municipality, we are aware that Yerevan has such streets that perhaps do not symbolize anything or that symbol has lost its relevance and can be renamed. Of course, this is a serious problem and a “headache” process, but in some cases not only the necessity, but also a tribute.


The reality, however, is that in the example of the Armenian political system, Yerevan is also a “men’s domain” in its streets, and members of the community council, worried by the name of the streets, are too far away to take steps to eliminate sexism because they just do not see this problem or do not want to see it.


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