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“There should not be a man beside Lilo, even a male bird…”

Yesterday, after the incident at the Manushak kindergarten in Armavir, when a 3-year-old child was taken hostage by Argam Hovikyan, his activities were temporarily suspended. At the time of our visit, the kindergarten was closed, police officers supervised it, Aravot’s journalist Nelly Babayan said, presenting the details of the incident told by the kindergarten director Roza Vardanyan about her granddaughter Lilit and her ex-husband.


Mrs. Roza said that when the former groom had grabbed her granddaughter and threatened, the kindergarten staff succeeded in taking out the majority of childreden, while Argam Hovikyan dropped her hand and caught a 3-year-old boy escaping near him, who was held hostage by Hovikyan for several hours.  Meanwhile, Lilit’s uncle came in and released Lilit from Hovikyan’s hands.


Mrs. Roza said that they were against their marriage but that man just escaped with her against her will. After the divorce, Mrs. Roza recounted that Argam would not leave Lilit calm, sending threatening messages to Lilit.


According to Mrs. Roza, they have always appealed to the police once for one false documents, , then for beating and threatening, but they did not do anything.


To note, Roza Vardanyan was injured yesterday, Hovikyan managed to knife his neck and ear. And her granddaughter Lilit is now at the hospital, Hovikyan hurt her hands’ nerves with a knife. Hovikyan himself was hurt during police actions, after which he was transferred to Armavir Medical Center.


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