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Armine Manukyan. “I entered the race not as a woman, but as a candidate” / multimedia

Armine Manukyan has been re-elected head of the Shrvenants village community of Kapan region four times. She has held this position for 12 years. After the enlargement of the communities she is the administrative head of Kapan community of the same name. She is principled, energetic and purposeful.


The hottest race was in 2005 when I first ran, but I tell you there was no gender difference. Residents of the community favored my candidacy, considering my potential, not being a woman.


Women’s involvement in decision-making should be encouraged, Armine Manukyan is convinced. She tells that after her election as mayor, women in Shrvenants began to gradually become active. For example, they were nominated as councilors, while Ms. Armine’s head was also female. These women have made quite a difference in community life.


Armine Manukyan considers the best assessment of work in the local self-government system  the confidence and direct support of her fellow villagers, though the work has also been praised by various senior officials. During these years she has received a number of diplomas and letters of appreciation.


From 1997 to 2005 he worked at the village library. Mrs. Armine had no idea of coming to Shrvenants from another village to become the head of the community.


Today she has the belief that nothing happens by accident. Various initiatives have been initiated with the residents of the community, such as refurbishment works, and on remembrance days, they have come together to visit a monument and pay tribute.


Referring to the enlargement, Ms. Armine is frank – reducing rights, increasing responsibilities. The advantage is electronic document circulation. Speaking about cooperation with the young leader of the enlarged community Gevorg Parsian, she emphasizes: “We all need to support our work to build a multi-residential community. Let us all be in our place and next to our leader. ”


Armine Manukyan does not bring the image of a leading woman home. There are discussions, exchanges of opinions, but she says her husband’s word is decisive at home. The mother of three children and three grandchildren (expecting the number to increase in the coming years), the happy grandmother has started preparing for the New Year.

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