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Armine Sargsyan. “It is my duty to contribute to the development of my beloved city”

Armine Sargsyan, a self-nominated candidate for snap local elections in Artashat on September 29th, believes that women, especially educated women, should be involved in the management and development of political, public life, and their involvement improves people’s quality of life. He says that back in the 12th century Mkhitar Gosh wrote that educated women are a treasure for any society, especially so in the 21st century …


Armine Sargsyan was born in Artashat, a family of a military servant. Her father is a financier, an economist,  mother  – a lawyer. In the family with roots from Van and Mush  national traditions and high human values ​​have always been highly valued. Armine often listened to the stories of her parents and elderly relatives about the path of the Armenian people. Perhaps those stories predetermined her future path. After graduating from School # 4, Armine continued her studies at the History Department of the Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute after Kh. Abovyan. After graduating from the Institute, she is still working as a history teacher at Artashat High School.


Anyone who loves his/her hometown, is concerned and cares about its problems, and there are few problems in Artashat – irregular problems with garbage removal, asphalting and lighting, access to residential buildings and roofs, landscaping, and unsolved problems of dogs have always been an issue. And then, communicating with students and their parents, she was well aware of the social status of families.


She believes that as a result of the daily consistent work of community authorities, the community will develop, and the first guarantee of community development is to ensure the quality of life and well-being of the inhabitants, as the resident is the human resource by which the city and the republic develop. Evenly developed and powerful communities are also the guarantee of a strong state.


Whether or not she will win the election depends on the vote, but Armine is convinced that a well-educated pedagogue dedicated to the education and upbringing of the younger generation will still choose her conscience. Therefore, in a message to fellow citizens Armine Sargsyan says:


– Dear Artashat residents, every election is a free expression of your will, through elections you elect your representatives in power, so it is up to you to choose what our beloved city, Artashat, our homeland will be like. I wish all the candidates success, at the same time I wish them brightness and brightness of mind. May God protect the Armenian world and all Armenians …

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