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Arpi Karapetyan: “The role of an observer has never been close to me”

Our interlocutor is Arpi Karapetyan, who is in the 17th place of the “Bright Armenia” party’s proportional list, who is also nominated by rating system in constituency 4 in Kentron, Nork-Marash and Nubarashen Erebuni communities.


General Director of Cascade Consulting “CJSC Arpi Karapetyan is not famous in the political field; more and more representatives of the economic and business sphere know her. She says there is a field where there is now a chance to change something and bring the country out of this difficult situation …


I am a psychologist by profession, worked with people of different backgrounds, tried to help those people to reveal their potential and strength. I have tried to show the way in which they can succeed: at the age of 22, I have been heading the Human Resource Management Center. Together with psychology, I have made a transition to a business, but here too has been the focus of human relationships – I have settled my employer-employee relationships, and in recent years, I have also reformed the field of education. Now, frankly, I find it difficult to say which area I feel best because I have worked in all places to change things for the better.


I participated in all civic processes as the observer’s role was never close to me. When it was necessary to go to the square and make steps, I did. I also did the steps when the Artsakh movement started. And what I do not want to see in the political field is what I’m going for with “Bright Armenia”, which is the necessity of the atmosphere of dissent in the National Assembly. The system where there is no conflict of views, this system can actually be considered dead, there must be a conflict of views and ideas. The clash will result in the correct formula that will bring the right result.


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