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How Arpine and Nona were able to bring together residents of villages “dissatisfied” with each other

Implementation of the program “The Voice of the Cinema” as the idea of uniting young people from different settlements belongs to 26-year-old Nona Matevosyan, a history teacher at Torosgyugh Secondary School, a center of Sarapat community. “Hetq” has informed about the initiative, noting that though in 2016, as a result of the local elections held in Shirak province in October 15th , communities united in the Sarapat bark,  not all the residents of the communities were positively disposed towards each other.


“Conflicting” villages, especially the rivalry between Villagers and Torosghugh, according to residents of the same village, has deep roots. Competitive moods passing from the fathers to their grandchildren and their grandchildren had also been felt before the enlargement of the communities when the center of the emerging beam and the list of nominated candidates were determined.


“Our goal is to contribute to the livelihoods of rural areas in the community,” explains Nona. “The successful experience of Torosgyugh, the enthusiasm of our fellow villagers made us think about expanding the geography of the project. There have been numerous meetings, joint events, and the youth from nearby villages have begun to recognize each other and become closer to each other. We have created a discussion platform, a platform for entertaining events for young people. ”


The program was possible to implement thanks to the small grant provided by A. D. Sakhorov Human Rights Center.


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