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Seven from Artashat. pre-election TV report

48 candidates, 7 of whom are women, have applied to run for the municipal council of Ararat regional center Artashat at the September 29 local government elections. 44 of the candidates are self-nominated, and only four are nominated by parties, including two women candidates from the Prosperous Armenia and Social Justice parties.


Among the female candidates running for election are:


Nelly Aloyan – non-party, self-nominated;

Anna Galstyan is a member of the PAP, nominated by the party, she is a member of the PAP Women’s Council;

Tina Margaryan is a non-party, self-nominated, principal of Artashat # 1 primary school;

Karine Mikaelyan is a non-party, self-nominated, Director of “Robada” LLC;

Heriknaz Nazaryan is a non-party, self-nominated, former council member;

Armine Sargsyan is a non-party, self-nominated, high school teacher in Artashat;

Araksya Stepanyan is a member of “For Social Justice” party nominated by the party.


It should be reminded that the Council of Elders consists of 15 members and there were 2 women in the former Council of Elders: Nazaryan Heriknaz and Hayrapetyan Ruzan.

All the nominated candidates consider themselves as supporters and ready to support each other. As for the magic of the seven numbers, they joke: “Let’s believe in the magic number”


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