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Arusyak Ayvazyan. “People associate me with hope, and it remains only to justify them”


On October 2d, for the position of the head of the community leader Garni  for the forthcoming local elections Arusyak Ayvazyan – the director of “Garni” company is nominated, who became famous not only in her  native Garni, but throughout the country during recent months, known for protests against changing the the riverbed of Azat, resulting in Garni community victory and saving Azat river. In conversation with WomenNet.am Mrs. Arusyak  said that her nomination was the demand of the community, which was inspired by the success of their joint combat.


“Maybe the reason was the success, maybe years of work … people saw my work that I do work in favor for  community and not just resolving  personal issues and therefore drew such a claim. I’ll try not to disappoint them  and do more things for the community in case of  being elected”, – she said.


As for the question of how the community is ready to have a woman leader, Mrs. Ayvazyan said that he has not ever think of this direction as a woman and has not experienced any discrimination.


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