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Arusyak Muradyan: “I’m not a surrender”

13 candidates have been nominated for the extraordinary elections of the Margara community council of Armavir region on February 17th, and three of them are women. WomenNet held and  Interview with one of those candidates, director of Margarai’s secondary school, non-party Arusyak Muradyan.


Arusyak Muradyan was born in 1962 in Bagratashen, attended a local school, after graduating in 1984 entered Bryusov Linguistic Institute, getting a qualification of a specialist in Russian language and literature. In the past six years, she holds the position of the principal of Margara School and teaches at the same school. She is nominated for the second time in the community council elections. For the first time, she was out of the race. She says she will not be rebounded if she loses, she will be re-nominated in the upcoming elections as she wishes to use her experience, knowledge of the laws to solve the problems of the community.


The community has a young village head, who does not have experience of management, experience of life and next to whom, in my opinion, should stand people who have that experience and knowledge. The desire and determination to do good for the community makes me compelled to run. Maybe as a personality, community residents love and respect me, they trust, but when they come to vote, they choose a friend of theirs, their neighbor, and or friend.


If I see that the right decision is not taken, or if the prioritization of this or that problem is being violated, of course, I will speak. Not that I have not spoken so far. But having the council mandate, these conversations will no longer be ignored and will not be seen as empty conversations.


Problems are many. There are no jobs for us. Women are engaged in households. Even if they find a job near in a nearest village or a city, a woman with little children in her care cannot work because of the absence of a kindergarten.


P.S. It should be noted that in the Margara community with 1296 inhabitants, extraordinary council elections were appointed as last year after the change of community head, three out of the seven members of the Council of Elders submitted resignations, and one was dismissed. 13 candidates have been nominated for the February 17th  municipal elections, three of them  are women.


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