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In one of the schools of Ashtarak teachers announced a termless strike

There is a termless strike at the school named after Vardges Petrosyan in Ashtarak. Vardges Teachers and students’ parents demand that the school built in 60s of the past century should be fundamentally construced, “Azatutyun” radio station covers the subject.


By the decision of the Parent Council and with the agreement of the teaching staff, pupils will not attend the classes until their demands are met.


The pupils’ parents in the school yard today demanded to finally renovate the building that was built in the 1960s and was in a state of extreme anxiousness. And before that parents insisted that the school should be discharged and elementary classes must be transported to a more comfortable and safe place.


“There is no toilet, there is no buffet … You see, this is not a 21st-century school. What do our regional councils and education ministers think? Will They send their children to such a school?”, – one of the parents said in an interview with “Azatutyun” radio station.


“I have been working in this school for 21 years, they have been promising for 21 years … but no step is taken”, – said one of the teachers.


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