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Astghik Meliksetyan: “If elected, I will raise the issue of women primarily”

As a result of the local elections scheduled for November 5, 3 communities of Tumanyan region, Shnogh, Teghut and Karkop will unite. The center of the enlarged community will be Shnogh. There are 19 candidates running for the Council of Elders. Only one of them is a woman. Astghik Meliksetyan is the director of “MEMIV” LLC. She is a pedagogue by the first specialty. Later she also received a Pharmacist qualification and is a member of the Republican Party of Armenia.


As she points out, seeing the inactivity of Shnogh’s and adjacent communities’ women and their isolation from active processes, especially in recent years, tries to take action to create a women’s council in Shnogh. The goal is to raise the role of women in social, community and non-political life.


After receiving a proposal to nominate as a council member from a party, she decided that if elected, she would try to implement programs aimed at activating women not only as a businessman, but also a council member. “I expect that we will have community programs for women’s activation and will try to bring them to life as a result of joint work by the community members and community leader” says the candidate.


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