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Gyulnara Avetisyan. “Everyone should work on themselves”

Gyulnara Avetisyan, a member of the Yeraskh community council of the Ararat region, is at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. At the meeting of the Council of Elders convened in the first days of Quarantine, it was decided that the staff of the village administration and the members of the Council of Elders themselves should follow the rules and regulations in the village, all sanitary norms and measures should be observed. At Gulnara’s suggestion, they prepared and posted posters on the prevention of coronavirus in different parts of the village.


– We have posted the posters all over the village, it is explained point by point that it is necessary to maintain cleanliness, sanitary norms, disinfect and wash the products brought from outside, and to follow the rules in order to protect the health of themselves and their relatives.


Gyulnara is a primary school teacher and has personally ensured that not only her classmates, but also the children of the whole school are provided with the necessary equipment to participate in the lessons.


– When it became clear that the lessons should be conducted online, I started calling the parents of the students, asking who had the opportunity to participate in the lessons, who did not, if necessary I went in person to find out what the situation was, whether there was a computer or telephone in their homes. There should be no children left behind. I have listed them all and personally followed them so that everyone has the equipment. I must say that there are many insecure families in Yeraskh community, we have tried to solve this issue by contacting the school principal and the village administration through each other. Before I started the online lessons every day, I was the first to tell the children: “Dear children, what have you done before coming to the class? Have  you washed your hands?” The children were listening, doing and following up, she said, noting that parents were also aware of that.


She also tells how he helped organize an online graduation event for first graders.


Gyulnara says she can’t sleep indifferently when people need help, can’t isolate herself, shut herself in the house, she follow the rules of safety, come out with gloves and a mask and try to help her fellow villagers.


During this time, Gulnara has taken another important initiative, distributing gloves and masks to fellow villagers, especially the elderly, and children, especially since not everyone in the village is able to buy masks and gloves.


Gyulnara assures that people in this village on the banks of the Araks River are calm, especially since no one in the village has been isolated or infected so far.


Gyulnara is convinced that everyone should start fighting the infection from themselves.


– Every person should work on themselves, not rely on others, if a person is a child of his/her land, he/she should be the first to protect his/her  homeland and protect himself/herself.

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