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For rights and justice: forum of 2000 feminists around the world  in Brazil




These days, September 8-11, the State of Bahia, Brazil, hosts AWID Forum -2016 at the, with the participation of 1854delegates  from 120 countries from  organizations dealing with women’s rights, as well as individual feminists.



AWID (Association for Women’s Rights in Development), holds forum every 3-4 years, during which women’s rights in the world, gender equality and other issues related to their issues are discussed.



This year, the 13th Forum’s ultimate goal is not to discuss any specific problem, but to find more effective ways of working together.



The forum entitled “Feminist futures. Build a united force, for rights and justice. ” This year it was offered more than 200 sessions, some of which can be viewed online at this link.



The objectives of the Forum are:

  • Summing up 20 years of achievements
  • Assess current reality
  • explore strategies
  • Inspire, and stimulate women’s movement



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