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Azganush Khachatryan “The role of a woman in the society is rising”

Member of Elderly Council of Elderly Elder Khachatryan, who is running for the upcoming June 9th  elections in the Ditak community of Ararat province, has again nominated her candidacy. She says, with her own and her colleagues’ experience, she gains the benefit of being a woman in the community or a female leader in other spheres. Thus, women’s participation at all levels of politics is mandatory.


“The village is rich in sunflower and vegetable, and we know how good nutritional rich food is for human health. The climatic conditions in our village are favorable, so the community needs a good governor and elder to work, to make the work move in the right direction, people want to stay in the native village, work and live, “says the resident of Ditak community, member of community council Eldanush Khachatryan, who has been a nurse for more than thirty years now.


According to Mrs. Azganush, the Ditak community head, Suren Srapoyan is a working person, since 2005 the community has been governed and has done a lot of vital work for the community. Nevertheless, the community has problems, which they try to raise in council meetings and look for solutions.


With long years of experience, she has made sure that a woman is making  right decisions about the upbringing, development and family well-being of her children. This circumstance is very encouraging to Mrs. Azganush. She says she is glad that more women are nominated as candidates for the next election in their community. Mrs. Azganush notes that the role of women in the society is rising, which is very positive.


From the issue of improving rural roads in the council meetings, they are discussing the issue of opening a kindergarten, renovation of the cultural palace, and street lighting. According to Azganush Khachatryan, the issue of enlightenment has already been resolved, there is already a solution to the roads, soon the works will start.

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