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The state will pay 50% of your nanny’s salary

Today, at the plenary session the Standing Committee on Health and Social Affairs of the National Assembly has endorsed the legislative initiative on reimbursement by the state of returning mothers from maternity leave and hiring a nurse until the child turns 3 years old.


Artem Asatryan, RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, presented the bill on amendments to the RA Law on Employment. He noted that for the purpose of promoting the opportunities for co-operation and parental responsibilities, it is proposed to provide state support to parents who are in child care leave in case of returning to work.


Head of the “Yelk” faction of the National Assembly Nikol Pashinyan inquired how much the state would allocate to mothers who would decide hire a nurse to care for the child before the child reaches the age of two.


“Naturally, if the mother decides to return to work before the child turns two years, a child’s care problem arises. In that case, she can hire a nurse as an employer. We say that the state will compensate for 50% of the nanny’s salary, but no more than the minimum wage, 55,000 AMD, will be compensated”, – the minister explained.


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