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Only Good looking ones or dragons, do not apply

In Armenia, as is known, the situation has changed, the power has changed, the rules of the political game have changed, and people’s perceptions have changed. However, the situation in the labor market remains as shocking as one or five years ago. And its striking reflection is job-seeker statements that show how women’s rights are unprotected and violated in the labor market.


WomenNet.am has repeatedly voiced this issue. Unfortunately, there are some employers in the new labor market in Armenia, for whom the woman adds a nice package to their work, so their case is highlighted by the appearance of the woman, not her professional abilities and skills. It is enough to read the announcement websites from time to time to make sure that nothing has changed. And if a specific study is carried out, then the suspicion that many employers periodically put statements with the same requirements, since not everyone can work long with the preconditions offered by them … or just get them to quickly change the “good-looking workers”.


WomenNet.am presents the following examples of such statements. Moreover, only the fact that the statements are written in Latin, are already evidence of the so-called employer’s uncertainty and unprofessionalism.


For example, the key to one statement is “several free-style photos” that should send the job seekers to the address indicated. And where and for what purposes these photos will be used, on the websites, it’s only to guess.


The lack of such announcements does not appear on the website. But the desire to finally change the situation in Armenia in the labor market for women is great.


By the way, WomenNet.am invites its favorite readers to share their stories about how they dealt with such cases or subjected them to sexual harassment at work. You can send your stories to khliya@yandex.ru. It is time for us to fight against such phenomena and exclude their continuity. We guarantee your privacy, if you consider it necessary.


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