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Blitz 2 – Do you see inequality between men and women?


WomenNet.am- continues to talk with members of the National Assembly on equality of men and women, including issues concerning women’s political participation … This time, our interlocutors are members Lyudmila Sargsyan, Hovhannes Sahakyan, Ruzanna Muradyan, Edmon Maruqyan.


“I do not see any problem at the legislative level. Nothing is missing at constitutional level, but in the legal practice in terms of different rights, including the protection of equality of women and men, we really have a problem. Moreover, it was common practice to blame the legislation in everything, say that the Constitution did not regulate, it will adjust now. 99% of our problems in practice, are in our citizens’ and officials’ perceptions,  as to how they perceive these guarantees”, – says Edmon Maruqyan.


“I am familiar with international assessments, but I do not think that Armenia is among those of African or Arab countries where women’s rights have always been violated. An Armenian woman has always been free, always able to achieve her goals and will always be able to trust the family. Consequently, rights of women with such strong characteristics cannot be violated. I certainly do not rule out that a lot of women do not have the ability to fight for their rights or have no idea what they are going to struggle to be equal. There are also many instances where indeed the rights of women are violated and that should be protected by the law, but I think that all the women who had the strength to think, the ability to consider implementing their own abilities, are able to protect their rights . . I think it depends on the human species on how much their rights are violated, including men. If you love and respect yourself and know that you are equal, no one can put you in an unequal position”, – says Lyudmila Sargsyan.


“For example, when we say deputies have the right to be equal, drivers have equal rights, and we do not make a distinction, a woman or a man. Men and women are human beings and  given rights by the God which are inalienable. If specify in everyday life, life, or relationships, for example, at work, in the family, it is necessary to speak of customary norms, especially in countries like ours. Taking into account the Armenian mentality, I believe, in our families women have  much greater role and rights, they are glorified and honored more than in other societies …”,- says Hovhannes Sahakyan.


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