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Blitz: How do you imagine the equality of women and men?


WomenNet.am- is talking about the equality of women and men with MPs Karine Atchemyan Tigran Urikhanayani, Margarit Yesayan, Levon Martirosyan and Zaruhi Postanjyan.


“This problem exists in the international arena and we are constantly hearing about violence against women and inequality between women and men in all countries. But I think that the inequality does not reach such a size as in other countries, because we have a unique approach to national mentality and women in our society have always been respected and honored by men”, – says Karine Achemyan.


“I think that trained, skilled women, familiar with political activities, provision of appropriate intellectual and moral character, will find their place, because we feel the lack of women in the field. The personnel starvation in parties is clear more than ever. The new reality after the adoption of constitutional amendments to dismantle the pyramid called the period of the new electoral law and political conditions facing the most serious and acute problem of qualified personnel. Therefore I am confident that if the current field or a new political framework within female politicians willing to demonstrate their ambitions through elections, and the first, second and third places will definitely have their place. Another issue is that according to my observation, there are not enough female figures. There are but few. And I would really like to see more”, – says MP Urikhanyan.



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