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“Double work, double diligence and double flexibility”: Anna Karapetyan’s Success Formula

“Every time I am asked how I managed to succeed in the real estate market, in a field that is controlled by 95% of men, I answer that I have never considered myself to be less neither for being a woman, nor for my age. I’ve always known that I should be smarter, more educated, and more flexible than all the men I’ve worked with. There is no other way to succeed in business than double job, double effort, and double flexibility. Do you want to be successful, work on you?”


Thus, during the discussion “Women in the Labor Market: Success Formula” began her speech Anna Karapetyan, an American businesswoman, founded Anna Kara Loans, Inc.,  which is included in the list of three leading agencies in Glendale, and the annual turnover is over $ 100 million.


Today Anna Karapetyan is in Armenia to accomplish one of her major initiatives. Anna initiated the creation of the Anna Kara Foundation, the main goal of which is to support orphanage graduates.


“Together with my friend we have been supporting Vanadzor orphanage graduates for almost 10 years. Our goal has not been to provide single-time support or monetary assistance, but to implement long-term assistance programs for orphanage graduates. We, in general, believe that the word “charity” should leave our vocabulary. We need to help these young people to be ready to live outside their orphanage, to care for their daily needs, to strive and to pursue education, to acquire a profession. In other words, we will not give anyone a fish. We will teach them to catch the fish on their own, “says A. Karapetyan.


According to her, it is very important for our compatriots living in Armenia and Diaspora to realize the importance of corporate social responsibility in business and the state should strengthen the institution of volunteerism not only for the youth, but also as a model of social cohesion, working relationship, and a wonderful example of collective responsibility.


The Executive Director of OxYGen Foundation Margarita Hakobyan noted that such success stories not only inspire but also promote the growth of women’s economic and political participation, and the more active manifestation of their decision-making in the family and beyond.


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