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Domestic Violence and Child Protection: what does the law provide?

…15-year-old Susie has seen through the glass door of the room how her father hits her mother with his fist and with a knife. “I cried – daddy killing mom, but before they would come, my mom had already lost her conscious and before  an ambulance would arrive she was taken to hospital by  another car, but …”.  5-year-old Arman has not seen how his father stabbed his mother, his sister Susi at that moment closed her brother’s eyes with her hands, but when her mother was taken her to a dining room, and then from the elder’s conversation, Arman realized that she was beaten  by his father he told grandpa: “I’m going to kill him when I get older”.


This is just one of the many cases of domestic violence that often occurs in the eyes of children and even against children … What does the new draft law “On the prevention of domestic violence and the protection of victims of domestic violence” recently published provides for the field of child protection? The law clearly defines the rights and interests of children who have suffered from domestic violence, for example, the definition of a temporary timetable for  visiting a child against whom has been practiced domestic violence – a person who has committed domestic violence is obliged to share with a domestic violence victim care their joint juvenile or adult children, enshrined that shelters should be provided with the necessary household and children’s care and education budget, etc.


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