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“We are at the initial stage of the process”


The issues regarding the protection of women’s labor rights were discussed


The issues regarding the protection of women’s labor rights were discussed A roadmap for providing equal rights for men and women in Armenia was presented during a conference entitled “Protection of Labor Rights in Armenia: Women in the Labor Market, Problems and Solutions”, held on February 13 in Yerevan, the process of which was launched a year ago within the framework of “Inspired + Armenia”. It is implemented jointly with the OxYGeN Foundation and “European Partnership for Democracy”, the World Leadership Alliance Madrid Club and the Multi-Party Democracy Institute of the Netherlands, with the financial support of the European Union and Visegrad fund.


It should be noted that a senior delegation of the World Leadership Alliance Madrid Club headed by former President of Slovenia Danilo Turk arrived in Yerevan to participate in the forum.


WomenNet.am presents some views voiced by the representatives of civil society, government and experts during the conference and discussions.


Danilo Turk,

Former Slovenian President


“I am one of those who consider non-discrimination towards women and their participation in political and economic processes is a very important precondition for the development of the state … This forum is an important platform for discussions to continue. We are in the initial stage of the process: the document is a guide and we must continue our cooperation with the roadmap for the protection of labor rights …


Margarita Hakobyan

Executive Director of OxYGen Foundation


“The roadmap has been developed within the framework of the participatory process as a result of the discussions attended by civil society and government representatives. The private sector was also represented. The document is open to discussion and the final outcome should include the common approaches of all stakeholders. Our goal is to bring real improvements in systematic solutions and labor rights. We hope the situation in Armenia has changed after the revolution and we believe that the new government should focus on how the system works. ”


Zhora Sargsyan,

Head of Labor and Employment Department at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.


“The policy of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in recent years is trying to support women to return to the labor market. Projects are being invested in this direction. But we also need to take into consideration the state budget opportunities. From the standpoint of legislative regulations, women’s rights are protected as men’s rights today. The Labor Code also states that any discrimination, including sex, is excluded”.


During the conference, the legislative gaps in the protection of labor rights were also presented, the role of trade unions, clarification of the functions of the labor inspection and many other issues that are part of a unified system of labor rights protection. The conference participants agreed that the issues required deeper and more coordinated approaches and agreed to organize such discussions on a regular basis.



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