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The Nanny Program will double the number of beneficiaries at the expense of savings

The state is ready to compensate the nanny fee not for a previously approved 200 beneficiaries, but for a larger number of people. This was stated in the framework of the regional workshop on “Promoting Labor Rights in the Context of Economic Development: Women in Labor Market” recently held in Aghveran, by the Head of the Labor and Employment Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Zhora Sargsyan.


He reminded that the so-called “nanny state at the expense of the state” had to be implemented since March 2018, but given the political events in Armenia, the decision on the program was adopted by the executive later and it started after July 7. This gave them the opportunity to save money.


In answer to the question of WomenNet.am, at the expense of what it was happening, the official responded, thanks to the late launch of the program as the program started in the middle of the year. According to him, no other program has been reduced to implement this one.


In conversation with us, Sargsyan also mentioned that at the moment the program has been implemented for all beneficiaries who have applied to the program, that is, the Ministry has not denied any application, especially since the budget gives this opportunity.


Let us remind you that the program was elaborated during the tenure of former Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Artem Asatryan and began to be applied after Mane Tandilian’s appointment as a minister. According to the Ministry, half of the beneficiaries of the program are from Yerevan.


Another joyful news for all parents who want to become beneficiarie. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has appealed to the SRC to revise the taxation mechanism for this program.


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