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“Nanny at the expense of the state”. The government reaffirmed the program’s order

At the June 8 sitting, the Armenian government passed the procedure of “providing assistance to job seekers being at parental care of children up to three years old for organizing child’s care in parallel with returning to work”. The point is about a nanny at the expense of the state, which has been repeatedly discussed, by means of which the nursing institute is based.


“As a result of this project, the opportunities for returning to work for those who are at for the three-year-old child care leave are increased by providing support.


As the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia states in the final version of the program implementation procedure, numerous proposals received as a result of discussions have been taken into account.


Not noticing other changes in the government-approved document, we applied to the Head of Labor and Employment Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Zhora Sargsyan, who talked to WomenNet.am about what was changed in the program and what points were preserved.


The head of the department noted that, as before, now the nursing wage compensation program will be implemented for 200 beneficiaries. The priorities have been maintained, however, according to their clarification, they will be applied in case of exceeding the number of people willing to be included in the program.


In addition, it states that, in the case of equality or lack of these conditions, the preference will be given to persons who have been registered for a longer period in the territorial center of deprivation.


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