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The draft project of the nanny at the expense of the state was published: it is open for suggestions

On January 26th, the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs presented project entitled “Assistance to persons being on a childcare leave up to three years of age,  until the child reaches the age of 2 years” for a public discussion by publishing it on a government e-draft website, https://www.e-draft.am/projects/692/about, and setting a 14-day deadline for making suggestions.


That is, all interested parties and organizations, getting acquainted with the bill, can  submit their suggestions or observations to the government through a window on the same page which, incidentally, must respond to these recommendations by accepting them or justifying their rejection.


It should be noted that at the initial stage of the project presentation it was already announced that the state, naturally, will not be able to provide compensation for all those who wish. While the draft does not specify a specific number, it has been said during the discussions at the National Assembly that no more than 200 mothers will benefit from the program. This is also evidenced by the budget allocation for the project implementation. The proposed project outlines the priorities of the selection of beneficiaries.


The priority of involvement in the program is given to persons who:

1) are family members of those receiving family benefit;

2) have three or more children;

3) have a disabled child;

4)  are considered as a single mother.


Moreover, in the event of equality or lack of conditions provided for in these paragraphs, the preference shall be given to persons enrolled for a longer period. There is also a limit: the beneficiary can only be included in the program once.


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