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Only three women were nominated in the December 8th local government elections


There are no women among the 36 candidates running in the 12 villages running for mayor on
December 8th . Only 3 of the 40 candidates registered in the four constituency constituencies
are women.

It should be reminded that on December 8 th , regular and extraordinary local self-government
elections will be held in a number of communities.


Regular elections


Regular elections are scheduled in 12 communities of Aragatsotn, Armavir, Gegharkunik,
Lori, Kotayk, Shirak. In both of the villages of Ddmashen of Gegharkunik and Anushavan of
Shirak region, a counselor election will be held.

According to the CEC official website, no female candidate has been nominated in any of the
ten communities appointed as mayor. Recall that in all these ten communities, the mayors of
the village are men, most of whom have been re-nominated.
As for the municipal elections, three women have been nominated here.

One of the eight candidates registered in the Ddmashen community of Gegharkunik region is
a woman. Zhanna Sargsyan is a member of the acting council, non-party, working as a teacher
in the village’s middle school. The community council is composed of six members, one of
whom is a woman.

Among the 11 candidates running for Anushavan village in Shirak province are two women –
Ruzanna Martirosyan and Rozanna Hakobyan. They are both non-party, and both work in the
village school as a teacher. Roza Hakobyan is a member of the current Council of Elders.
Two of the seven members of the current council of Anushavan village are women.


Extraordinary elections


On December 8 th , community leaders and council members will be elected in four


Pre-election campaigning for regular election participants started on November 20 and will
end on December 6 th . Registered candidates can withdraw by November 28th.


The registration of candidates running for snap elections ended on November 19th. Pre-
election campaigning for early election participants will begin on November 26th and end on
December 6th . Candidates can withdraw by November 28th.

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