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It is not her decision, it is our society’s judgment

The history of a child born in Yerevan with Down syndrome which appeared recently in the center of attention of local and international media,  raised very painful issues for our society perhaps even forcing to think more deeply about them…

The first and most important thing is that we all know but prefer to omit. We know and accept the idea that our society and the state are not ready to provide opportunities of decent living not only for children born with congenital defects, but also, in general, people with disabilities. And the country’s poverty rate is not an excuse in this regard. Stereotypes are inside us and we have to pass a long way in order to overcome them. So far, we are only ready to express condolences to a confused parent, while there is a necessity to provide professional assistance. Many of Facebook posts only confirm society’s hypocrisy on this issue. 

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