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What do Armenian schoolchildren eat?


Recently, a noteworthy material about the composition of school meals in different countries has found a wide resonance in social networks. Using the opportunity womennet.am tried to figure out how parents of schoolchildren treat the question of providing healthy food at school. By the way, we noticed, that this year in September parents of schoolchildren together with clothing and stationery searched for lunch-boxes at store more often.


After a long search in Yerevan stores Koryun’s parents could find a comfortable luch box. Veronika told us that despite at a private school chi8ldren are provided food but her son vilunterily refused to eat meals prepared by a cook.


Not all working mothers are able to prepare food early in the morning. That is why they prefer paying more so that their children can eat at school.


That is why it is extremely important what children eat at school.


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