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The Domestic Violence Law split the Republicans

The draft law “On Prevention of Domestic Violence and Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence” has led to apparent controversy within the ruling Republican Party. On the one hand, the RPA member Minister states that the law is a necessary and justifies it, and on the other hand, some members of the party raise their concerns through such ridiculous arguments that they turn the debate over the law into colloquium.


For the past week, some members of the RPA, especially those who never commented on  laws, were in the queue considering their duty to express their opinion about the “Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence”. The reason for such activity was the statement made by NA Vice President and RPA spokesman Eduard Sharmazanov after the last session of the RPA Supreme Body that there are controversial points for the party.


“These are primitive formulations that are not relevant to either the Republicans or the media. There is nothing like that, it’s nonsense, just as I said earlier, there are controversial points in the preliminary version of the law; the law is problematic in this regard. we are discussing to bring the law to the look that is more acceptable, “Sharmazanov said in an interview with journalists trying to correct the situation.


At the same time he urged not to be surprised that there are different approaches to any project, as it always happens and this law is no exception. In this particular project, the disputed points of economic and psychological violence are controversial to him, which are unclear and cause distortions. The next controversial point, in his opinion, is the number of shelters, and in general the question is whether shelters are needed or not. And the latter, mentioned by Sharmazanov, is the parent’s reputation.


“There are many delicacies. We are a national conservative party and we have said many times that the pillar of the state is a traditional Armenian family, “the NA Vice Speaker said.


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