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The government approved the bill on the prevention of domestic violence, considering it urgent

The RA Government approved the RA Law on “Prevention of Domestic Violence, Protection of Domestic Violence Victims and Restoration of Solidarity in Family” and the package of draft laws.


The bill, as previously announced, has been amended to dispel concerns raised during public debates. The proposals of the organizations dealing with the issue were also considered, only part of which was taken into account. Reasons for refusal are shown in the summary. Some of the proposals have already been accepted.


First of all, the name of the bill has been changed, previously it was called the draft law “On Prevention of Domestic Violence and Protection of Domestic Violence Victims”. Adding  the message of positive reinforcement “Restoring solidarity in the family” is aimed at neutralizing allegations of “destroying the family” sounded before by the opponents …


According to RA Justice Minister David Harutyunyan, the change in the name of the bill is closely linked with its goals. “Before that, the goals of the law were two: one to prevent, the other to defend. Now the third goal has been added to the stage of discussion – the goal of reconciliation”, – he said.


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