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“The police is not private bodyguards” Law enforcement can not protect a woman from her husband / video

After yesterday’s session on divorce and child custody case  divorced Naira Smbatyan’s husband Ara Khachatryan, in his car closed  the way of outgoing Naira and her defenders from “Women’s Support Center” from the district court of general jurisdiction of Malatia-Sebastia.  Epress.am refers to the incident, noting that his wife called the police, but about 40 minutes later arrived at the scene not the police but investigators from the sixth department called by her husband.


The Naira said that they were attacked in their car so that they closed the windows and locked the doors of the taxi. “They said that I am persecuted, and tried to open the doors. I’m not lost, I just left my husband because I was regularly exposed to physical and more importantly, psychological violence. I left him, I returned to my father’s home on January 4th. My husband attacked several times on my father’s house, “Naira Smbatyan told Epress.am.


Malatya police department, in turn, said that the law does not provide any mechanism to defend Naira, but he is on his own initiative may provide a machine to remove Naira from the back entrance of the police. The woman agreed to leave. “I’m afraid. I will not go any more to court hearings. I have authorized my attorneys, they will represent me”, – she said.


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