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“Who are the female candidates of ELQ Alliance?”

The list of Elq Alliance consisting of “Civil Agreement”, “Bright Armenia”,  “Republic” parties includes  121 candidates, 39 of them or 32% are women.


This list includes many women whom readers of WomenNet.am and society remember well.  The first woman, Mane Tandilyann is in the fourth position. She is the chief accountant of “Synopsis Armenia” company. She was one of the activists of the initiative “against  mandatory pension system”, she is  the secretary of the “Bright Armenia” party.


In addition to Tandilyan the lists includes other female candidates working as accountants – Arusyak Manavazyan ( “Dareskizb” LLC), Gohar Matevosyan ( “chief accountant Benerik” LLC), Arpine. Davoyan ( “Golden Tobacco Ltd”).


Seventh place in the list occupies a journalist Lena Nazaryan. In 2013 she was a  member of the “Civil Agreement” party  one of the coordinators of  “proxy 6000” project since 2010, the Save Teghut Civic Initiative. The day after the presidential election with a group of activists she interrupted the speakers of the OSCE / ODIHR election observation mission and read their statement boycotting text.


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