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Activity factor of women MPs is much higher than that of men 

The upcoming parliamentary elections are a good opportunity to evaluate how active were the members of the legislative body in the passing ten sessions. Parliament Monitoring- has already presented several dozen MPs who have not given or have not addressed the issue. There are also those who have not entered the National Assembly building at all. The majority of them are men.


In last ten session did not and have not addressed any issues Samvel Aleksanyan Ashot Aghababyan Ashot Arsenyan, Arkady Hambardzumyan, Harutyun Gharagyozyan, Ruben Hovsepyan, Michael Manukyan, Grigori Margaryan, Ara Aramyan, Arthur Gevorgyan, the Nahapet Gevorgyan, Armen Avetisyan, Davit Kocharyan, Tachat Vardapetyan, Tigran Sargsyan, Razmik Zohrabyan, Vahan Karapetyan, Karo Karapetyan –  in  total of 55 out of 131 deputies. It turns out 63% of the male members kept “silence” and only 37 percent are in the rest of the whole activity.


Activity factor of women MPs is much higher. 93% of women included in the Parliament were active in one way or another. According to the National Parliament Monitoring- only  one of 13 female members, did not make and did not ask any question. She is a member of the Republican Party,  Marine Marabyan. She is also a female MP who was  mostly absent.


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