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What does the state provide for young mothers?

From 2018 a number of programs will be implemented through the funds allocated to the state budget employment program, targeted by young mothers. Details of the interview with Artak Mangasaryan/ Head of the State Employment Service of Armenia/ are available on WomenNet.am.


According to him, taking into consideration the international experience gained and the changes in the age-related factors in Armenia, as well as the importance of obtaining professional training for young women already having children, as the first step in 2018-2020, The RA state medium-term program provides support for young women with young children, providing training for young mothers who have no special education, organizing vocational training at the employer, providing training to higher vocational education, and reimbursement of child care for parallel work, in case of returning to work for up to two years.


Mr. Mangasaryan presented these three main programs:


“Reparation Provision for Parental Care to parents of up to 3-year-old children returning to work before a child turns 2 years old” Project


“Preparation for higher professional education of unemployed women aged 24 years old” Project


“The organization of vocational training for unmarried and unskilled young mothers in the labor market” project


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