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Eva Husyan: “I do not want to back down” 

An economist Eva Hyusians just a few years ago  entered the information technology sector, and today the «SoloLearn» founded by  her  is one of the largest free platforms for learning programming in the world.


Eve says with her colleague, company co-founder David they began working in this field, when they were working in “Microsoft Innovation Center”. “From zero they created “SoloLearn”- as  their first startup, where many new companies were born, everything they did  from the idea of ​​birth, ending with its implementation, giving product”.


Now «SoloLearn» – is a free platform for beginners and professionals already more than 10 million users in different countries of the world. In 2015 company was  recognized as one of 10 Silicon Valley’s fastest growing companies with investment of up to $ 10 million.


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