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The prime minister urged women to make their step in the economic revolution

It’s hard to imagine that the economic revolution in Armenia will succeed, if it is unable to boost women’s entrepreneurship, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the opening of the International Conference of World Association of Female Entrepreneurs (FCEM) on April 26th.


“The role and activity of women in Armenia has increased dramatically over the past year. The non-violent velvet revolution that took place last year in Armenia would not be a reality without large-scale women’s participation. The role of women was really a turning point in the revolution. I am convinced that the role of women in the economic revolution will be the same, “the prime minister said.


According to Nikol Pashinyan, many spheres in Armenia need women’s care, in general, according to him, the country needs women’s care and this means that their activity and involvement should be promoted in all spheres.


At the same time, the prime minister mentioned that women’s activeness in politics, business, public life, government system does not contradict our conception of a traditional family.


“Today I want to urge all women to make their step in the economic revolution. I am convinced that in the enterprise, women can move forward with more productive, balanced, justified steps. I am convinced that the sense of responsibility of an Armenian woman is a bit more than we usually observe it among men, “he emphasized.


According to Nikol Pashinyan, statistically, women are less likely to be involved in corruption and corrupt than it may occur among men. “That’s my conviction. I’m convinced that in the near future, women’s involvement in politics and economy will increase.”


Referring to entrepreneurship and business, the Prime Minister mentioned that the opportunities created today for poverty reduction create space for development of business, small and medium-sized businesses and micro business. He expressed hope that women will take the initiative and here they will have a turning point in the economic revolution.


According to him, it is very important that every business idea be based on a concrete idea.


Pashinyan mentioned that recently during a friendly discussion he said that he considers the  phrase “there is no need for inventing a bicycle” to be very harmful.


The prime minister showed his mobile phone  and said: “If the creator of this device thought there was no necessity to create it, this phone would not be created. So I urge women not to be afraid of creating a bicycle, of inventing boldly. Make that step and you will surely win, therefore  Armenia, the Armenian people and the mankind at all will win.


It should be noted that the conference was organized by the Women Entrepreneurs Network of Armenia and the Armenian Young Women’s Association (Lilit Asatryan), a full member of the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs and represents Armenia in that structure. The conference is attended by the current President of the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs Marie Christine Oglin, high-level delegations from 21 countries, women entrepreneurs representing Armenia, Ambassadors accredited in Armenia, representatives of state and international organizations.


The World Association of Women Entrepreneurs is an association of business women from all over the world, founded in 1945 after the end of World War II. It unites more than 5 million business women in 120 countries across 5 continents, has advisory status in the UN, the Council of Europe, the International Labor Organization and the European Parliament.

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