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Two out of 20 female political prisoners were released


After the start of the campaign “Free the 20” only two female political prisoners were released. Sana Seif detained in Egypt in December of 2014, was released a few days ago as a result of amnesty decision for 100 people detained by the president. Meanwhile, Vietnamese blogger Ra Pong Than after being released on September 19th moved to US for permanent residence. The blogger was charged for “anti-government propaganda”.


Their names were included in “Free the 20” campaign, launched from September 1st in USA, which aims to release female political prisoners around the world from illegal detention. These women were arrested for their political views and as a result of their civic activity. The list also includes Azerbaijani journalist Khadija Ismajilova and human rights defender Leyla Yunus.


“Release these 20 and many other women and girls who are left in the shade, as these 20 women are only a small part of women who were unjustly detained”, – said US Ambassador to UN Samantha Power. She emphasized, that unjustly arresting women, authorities impede realization of their rights.


Given that many of the political prisoners are from North Korea, campaign organizers have chosen the conventional image of a female prisoner not separating any of them.


There are still 18 female political prisoners.

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