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GALA GIRLS: “Who else if not me?”



On October 2d, the first time a number of new political forces will take part in the local elections in Gyumri. Among them is the “Ideological liberal Alliance” party – Gala, 7  out 22 candidates in the electoral list are women (32%). In the first ten there are three women candidates. On the 3rd place is Kristina Mkrtchyan, who is the chief editor Galatv.am website, on the 5th place is Armine Vardanyan and Hermine Mkrtchyan is on the 7th  place. All three are peers of independence, journalist and member of the “Gala” party,  members of “Team resource for Civil Initiatives Center” NGO.


Armenuhi Vardanyan and Heghine Mkrtchyan in conversation with WomenNet- presented their expectations, implemention programs and approaches with regard to the electoral process.


Armine Vardanyan. “The homeland is the child who hand in hand with  parents moves away from the country, cut off from their roots”.


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