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Gayane Kalantaryan. “Society is made by woman’s hand” / multimedia

“I don’t get tired of work and social activity, I love it more with the years,” says Gayane Kalantaryan, a member of the Vanadzor community council.


Dr. Kalantaryan was already  the Director of Vanadzor Interregional Dispensary in 1993.


After working as a director for 27 years, this year she moved to another job. After retirement, she decided to quit her job, but continues to work as the region’s chief psychiatrist.


Gayane Kalantaryan has been a member of the Vanadzor community council for 20 years. Re-elected 5 times. She actively participates in almost all events, is always in in touch with her constituents.


“The council of Vanadzor is very interesting, no matter how scandalous this council was, but we are working together in solidarity. We are united in our responsibility for the city, our responsibility for our work, we have all been chosen to make Vanadzor better. And, of course, there is female solidarity, ”she says.


Working, then leading, have helped to address many of Vanadzor’s problems, and being a member of the council has become increasingly important to Gayane Kalantaryan as a possible solution.


Gayane Kalantaryan has always been nominated by majority system as an individual. She thinks being in a party limits a person to some extent. Being party member one should also take into account the opinion of  party friends. Kalantaryan thinks the council should not be politicized.


Speaking about the role of women in the Armenian reality, Mrs. Kalantaryan notes that the Armenian woman has always been great and important. Even if not seemingly, the society is formed by the hand of a woman, formed in families by the upbringing of mothers.


As director, 27-year tenure and 20-year Council of Elders Gayane Kalantaryan successfully combines the role of family wife, mother of 2 children, and grandmother of 5 grandchildren.

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